• soniajamilet

What I love about Sunday

Sundays have begun to grow on me, what once was my least favourite day has now turned into an extraordinary opportunity to embrace routine and savour life's tender moments.

At our house, Sunday mornings are for sleeping in, having a big brunch, drinking coffee in bed while watching our favourite TV series. On nice afternoons we walk around our neighbourhood and admire all the little details that make it unique, certain trees, our favourite houses, the art, the smells etc. Evenings we spend with family, Skype conversations with my parents in the states and dinner at my in-laws.

I’ve never been a fan of routine, in fact I love breaking routine because it makes me feel human. As I’ve grown older I’ve started to embrace routine and have learned to create a balance in my life that allows me to keep things prioritised while remaining spontaneous. 

Routine has allowed me to sustain and treasure the relationships I value most. I have learned to make time to appreciate little details and I have become a huge fan of my home. Perhaps this is a new thing for me, and I am starting to really enjoy it.