The Messy Drawer

Don't lie, we all have one.

This is the home to the daily-used and the never-used. It is the place where you're definitely going to find a pen, but the chances of it working are slim.

Why are we like this?

My theory is that we like to appear to have our "shit-together." No-one likes things just laying around, looking messy. Drawers are secret chambers, they are our saviours to incognito untidiness and procrastination.

But how good does it feel, when you finally clean it, right?! And you tell yourself you won't let it get messy again.

It is a constant battle.

So, If you are ready to ditch the messy drawer, if it gives you anxiety just looking at it. Then follow this simple rule:

Get rid of it!

It's a tough rule, I know. But it is what is going to help you organize your life and find space for the things that really matter. So, next time you organize your drawer or your life, think about what it is that you really need, and what it is that you use daily, those things that are worth keeping because they serve you purpose.

If you have four moisturisers in there, perhaps start putting one of those next to your bed, and use it every night until it runs out. Do you really need that many pens? Keep two.

Life is a messy drawer, sometimes it gets packed with shit, but the essential elements remain. Find a way to only have things that bring I won't say joy.


Give your things a "home" a place where they live, so you can always count on them to be there. It is okay if there isn't order, and you don't have to fold your underwear neatly. Although I won't lie, that does bring great joy.

Nothing like having a drawer that looks like it belongs in a Victoria Secret store.

So cut yourself some slack, as long as it is easy to find when you need it, you will feel less frustration and more happiness.

I promise.