The group chat

We all have that one group chat, that just got out of hand.

134 message notifications



A few voice notes

It probably started as a logistics group, but now it is slowly slipping to the bottom of your chat list.

I am here to tell you, that It's time to leave.

I know it's a hard decision to make, there's a lot to consider. Do you just turn off notifications? Do you delete it in a "hide under the rug" manner and hope it just magically disappears. Or do you savagely "leave the group."

Let's face it, the top 6 chats on your whatsapp are prime real-estate, and it's a competitive market. They deserve the same attention and love as your MySpace top 8 back in 2006.

By leaving these groups that no longer serve you purpose, you can make space for those rare and wonderful group chats, that come once, maybe twice in a lifetime.

These group chats are the ones you can appropriately send spontaneous and authentic photos that you JUST took. The pictures that will never see the light of social media, because it's a different type of "sharing" that is more personal and real.

These are the chats that spark debates, open platforms for roasting and can console broken hearts. These are the group chats where the lurkers..will be called out! And no one is safe from the group image Icon.

My favourite group chat of all time is called "The Finer Things Club." This group chat was started back in 2014, named after the infamous episode from the Office where Pam, Toby and Oscar have an "exclusive club to discuss books, art and celebrate culture in a very civilised way."

This chat does none of those things, but we definitely have a good laugh. Years worth of quality debate, tech reviews, Iphone vs Android arguments and chin face selfies lie in its archives.

Living far from my family, has also given me a new sense of appreciation for the group chat. I feel like I can be part of their day, sending funny memes and thinking about how they will smile when they see it. Pretending I am there when they ask what they want to have for dinner that night. I can be thousands of miles away, but still feel close to them.

These are the kind of group chats that take years to maintain, the ones worth keeping. So protect them, nurture them, and never let them slip to the bottom of your chat list.