• soniajamilet

Amongst pebbles there is treasure

Not of all of us are blessed with pristine sandy beaches...some of us get pebbly beaches.

These are not ideal for sand castle making, digging holes and dipping your toes in the sand. Nevertheless, I am here to tell you what is unique and amazing about pebbled beaches.

When I was 8 years old, my family moved from Los Angeles, California to a small town in the Pacific Northwest. We lived in a rural area in the Skagit County region, an ideal place to grow up.

Perfectly placed between two metropolitan cities (Seattle and Vancouver, BC) Surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges and a diverse coastal bay area. There are many pebble beaches around this part, as I significantly remember being disappointed during my first Washington "beach trip"

So I got crafty.

As a child I could spend hours playing with pebbles. Finding all the "bone looking" ones and categorising them into colours. Stacking them like in those stone balancing art pictures you see in yoga studios. Hunting for "wishing rocks," you know the ones with the perfect stripe around the entire circumference. Scouting the perfectly flat stone that had the correct aerodynamics, for the rock skipping competition. Collecting heart-shaped pebbles to paint and give to friends.

Like the old saying goes, when you get lemons make lemonade, but in this case. These aren't lemons, they're pebbles and you have to see them in a whole new light and admire the endless possibilities they have to offer.

So next time you are at a pebbly beach, take a moment to observe your surroundings.

Have a look amongst the pebbles and notice the diversity, all so different, just like humanity..but in pebble form.

Not one exactly like the other, but all together to create this wonderful space in which you are sitting on, inviting you to unwind, to be thankful, listen to the waves and remember just how small we are next to the sea.