Good ol' Toilet Paper

Remember when ply wasn't even a concept for you. Toilet paper was something you always just had...parents sorted that out.

Then you go off to college and you have to purchase your own. Suddenly you notice just how much more you need to use to keep your bum clean, and how much better the TP at your parent's house is. But it's just TP, that's money literally down the toilet!

No way you're going to invest.

Then you get a decent job, you have some extra you give your bum some extra love and care...screw it you're going to treat yourself and you buy 3 ply!

So that's it, you've found the TP you like, the same one you can always count on. Your bum is clean and life is good.


You don't longer have access to it... you quickly go into human survival mode.

You check under the sink, you call out for help. You do what you need to do. And usually you're saved by the TP's cousin....the napkin. Pheww

But what happens when the whole world suddenly decides they need...not just one pack of toilet paper, but a massive amount to hoard away in case the world comes to an end. This is a real scenario people, and it is happening right now:

The world is hogging toilet paper!!

And can you blame them? If people are being told to stay home for a long extended period of time, then their natural response is to get prepared. If there are no regulations in place, if there is no order, then people will go into survival mode.

But don't panic my friends, I am here to tell you that now is the time to get savvy. If you can't find TP, get paper towels and cut them in half. If you can't find paper towels, get tissues or napkins.

If all of these things are not available and you're really out of luck, then get a jug of water and just pretend your butt is a plant and water it!

Did you know that most humans on earth use water, not toilet paper. Many countries like Japan, Italy and France to name a few, use some type of bidet, pronounced "be-day." It is like an extra toilet bowl for washing your butt.

Don't have space or time to install a whole toilet bowl in your bathroom, yeah me neither.

Instead, Invest in a bidet sprayer, it is like those little sink sprayers you have next to your kitchen sink, except next to your toilet! It is much more practical and easy to install yourself.

There is no better time than now, to make the investment.

The planet and your butt will thank you for it.