FALLing in love with autumn

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There is something truly captivating about autumn. The evident transformation of colors, both on the trees and on the streets. That classic musky and sweet smell of a leaf pile that encourages you to close your eyes and breathe a little deeper, exhale a little longer. The cooling down of summer's heat swirls in the sky, carrying with it the smell of autumn, a distinctive scent that is almost palatable.

Coronavirus has taken many things from us; stolen lives, crushed plans and ruined milestone moments, but it has not taken autumn. Autumn is still there, when you look out your window, when you feel the soft breeze kiss your cheek. The walks we've now become accustomed to can be accompanied with a fluffy scarf and a warm drink in hand. Autumn is not canceled.

I wanted to share some of my favourite images of what the autumn season brings, along with the creative ways in which people have adapted during the coronavirus pandemic. Although uncertainty circulates through the autumn breeze, I believe that there is always something to look forward to. Humans are an adaptable species, we will get through this, and come out stronger and more prepared for whatever the seasons decide to throw our way.

People are cycling more, which means less car emissions, healthier hearts and a better connection with nature.

People around the world got creative with making face masks, and community sewing campaigns led to many volunteers making masks for people who needed them most.

Amid lockdown, fostering and adoption of pets soared, meaning more pets found loving homes.

We came up with creative ways to celebrate big milestones like drive-by birthdays, graduations and Zoom parties.

We learned that we could live with way less, and understood the real meaning behind "essentials"

The coronavirus has been a large disruptor, leading to unprecedented levels of innovation. Businesses have had to re-invent themselves, which led to restaurants creating DIY kits, curb side pick-ups and some distilleries even making hand sanitisers.

Popularity in telemedicine (virtual healthcare) has soared, not only bringing healthcare closer, but helping improve it.

We've found ways to be together while maintaining our distance, and have seized this opportunity to explore and challenge what COVID19 has shown us about the hidden (and not-so hidden) issues in our society.