Excuse me, that's my mug.

If you've ever shared a kitchen cabinet with anyone, then you know about "mug etiquette."

We all have a presence, thin rim, wide rim, tall and narrow, short and wide.

Mugs find a special place in our hearts and this is not shocking as we share some of our most intimate moments with them. Much needed tea breaks, rushed mornings, late work nights or the classic cuppa with an old friend.

My theory is that having a familiar cup is comforting, it's as routine as our daily cup of coffee or afternoon tea. They spark memories and give us a sense of ownership.

Maybe you're not into mugs, perhaps you like consistency within your homewares and have all white mugs. How tragic is it when someone gifts you a mug?!

Now what? Does it sit on your counter like an odd ball? Do you find a special cabinet for this outsider mug? Do you take it to work and it becomes your work mug...

Does someone then steal it and you feel aggressively upset by this?

I mean mugs are just cups with handles really, but they become special and we love them! Because they are part of our personality and part of our journey. So hold on tight, try not to loose it or break it. Hold it close and enjoy the moment.