Clean Sheets

Have you ever slept in a hotel room and felt like you had the best sleep of your life? Why is that? Is it the bed? Is it the change of atmosphere? Or could the secret be in the linen?

I am convinced that bedsheets can affect the quality of our sleep.

And here is why.

The first time Lucas and I went on holiday, we were due to arrive very early on Sunday morning. My amazing mother-in-law went to our apartment and stocked our fridge with goodies and washed our bedsheets a few days before we were due to arrive.

BTW* This is the kind of love we all deserve.

I noticed a significant difference when I slept in the sheets after my mother in law had washed them. I used the same detergent, but I wasn't getting the same result. So I asked her for "the secret."

I have to warn you, you're not going to like it...

"I IRON THEM" she said.

I was quickly discouraged. Who wants to waste time ironing?!

But I couldn't get that luxury feel out of my head, because trust me the difference is next level. I'm talking about sleeping like a royal.

So I found shortcuts , and I will order them from Laziest to....Less Lazy.

Laziest: If you cringe at the idea of wasting your precious time ironing sheets then consider hanging them to dry, this will also give them a pristine feel and if you’re even lucky enough to do it outdoors, it will have a beautiful and refreshing aroma of sunshine.

*that is not a real scent

Less Lazy: Take the bedsheets out of the dryer while they are still slightly damp and fold them as you usually would. Then take a super hot Iron and press firmly, unfolding backwards until you have the bedsheet in half.

Cringey demo:

Let's be real, that's about as much effort as we are willing to put in.

If you are still not convinced, consider this. How often do you sleep in your bed? Everyday! That means that you sleep for about a third of your life! Why not make it a wonderful experience?

I am a firm believer that your bed and bedding should be one of your greatest investments. It is after all where you will spend a large portion of your life. Your bed is your sanctuary, it is where you dream and where you contemplate life, it is a place you should miss when you travel.

It should feel like home. ✨