Badass Fruit Flies

You may be familiar with those tiny flies that like to colonise the fruit bowl in your kitchen. You know, the ones that give you a small heart attack when you pick up a fruit and it looks like a party just got busted and all the flies make a run for it.

I mean the audacity...

To just show up at your house uninvited, dancing and getting drunk off your fermented fruit. Now you may be wondering why I would be writing about these shameless bastards, and the truth is I am just so impressed with their badass CV's. Fruit flies have a reputation. They're not like ants that are strong and organised, they aren't like bees that would sacrifice their lives for the queen. Nope these little guys just like to party and cause mayhem.

They have been known to impose bio hazard lockdowns on small countries, taken humans down by spreading deadly bacterias and their persistence to live is pretty uncanny. This is all attributed to their ninja like abilities and mathematical Houdini skills.

For starters, they're tiny, about the size of a sesame seed. Meaning they can make their way through any small crack, screen or gap. They also have 270degree vision and sophisticated mathematical skills. Scientists have discovered that fruit flies can calculate the angle of your attack and plan their escape accordingly, all in as little as 100milliseconds. They can also change direction mid-flight within one one-hundredth of a second and accelerate quickly just by flapping their wings 200 times per second.

Not bad for such a tiny brain.

Unlike regular flies, fruit flies are also much more elegant with their flying. You won't see these little guys running into your bedroom mirror for the hundredth time, instead you will see them performing a courtship dance aka "the dance of seduction." I'm sure there is a fruit fly named Chad in your kitchen right now trying to get laid.

So the next time you see a fruit fly, remember that they are too fast for you. Instead clean up your kitchen, if there is no booze or food for them, then they'll just go to someone else's place.